Thought Pickers is a Digital Marketing & Creative Agency based out of Bangalore. Founded by Aditya A Kulkarni in the year 2009 it was largely into Graphic Designing and Animation. During the course of work, Thought Pickers sensed the pulse of the market and accordingly set out to be a 360 degree service provider with respect to designing, animation, social media, events etc.

Thought Pickers boasts of several differentiators in the highly competitive Bangalore market where constant innovation is the key to growth. The team at Thought Pickers is abreast of the latest innovations and developments in the market and thus are seasoned at creative ideation, conceptualisation and seamless execution coupled with impeccable customer service. Not to forget, our clients have been a happy bunch and have chosen to be with us right through this wonderful journey.

Today, Thought Pickers has grown stronger with diverse business interests, all aimed at being a one-stop-solutions-marketplace serving clients across auto, real estate, manufacturing, IT, lifestyle, hospitality, food & beverage among others.

Growth for any organisation is assured when you have people who share your vision. The year 2017 witnessed a phenomenon which the founder initiated and that was getting like-minded people under one roof. This has given Thought Pickers the confidence to venture into larger domains and create a niche for itself in a competitive market.

At Thought Pickers we go beyond listening to a verbal brief from our clients. Our expertise and experience has helped us dwell into the thoughts behind the brief and pick the right ones to create solutions for any product or service.

And the rationale behind the name is – “We will pick your thoughts and deliver as you envisage in your mind.” That is why we are called Thought Pickers.